Back Massage

Before we start

Prepare your space

You may want to prepare your room so you will be as comfortable as possible for the enjoyment of your massage.
The therapist will arrive with the essential equipment for the massage: a mobile treatment couch, soft towels, massage oils the rest is up to you.
Your room should be warm enough for your comfort and you may want to consider some relaxing room scents.
Soft lighting or candles will also help set the mood, as will some quiet music.

Consultation and planning

An initial consultation will enable the therapist to understand your preferences and plan your treatment.
Here it is also important that you review your health with your therapist so that your treatment is safe and aligned with your physical and psychological needs.
There are a number of quite common health and medical considerations to check before proceeding with the massage. You can check some of these in advance by following the 'Health checklist' link below.
Depending on the selection of massage treatments, your therapist will briefly explain the procedure so that you know what to expect, then you will be able to relax and enjoy