Covid-19 safety and risk reduction

My approach to the resumption of massage services - from our therapist Gavin Jones

Now that the government guidelines allow, it is possible to offer massage services again. Massage is of course a close contact service so we must look very carefully to minimise the risks that we take - both from your perspective as my client and from my own as the therapist.

I have worked through the current government guidelines for these services and to assess the risks of my practice and plan new ways to work. While we cannot remove all the risks, if I can work with you to keep those risks as low as possible, then we can go ahead with confidence. Unlike going to a salon or health spa for your massage, with a mobile massage, you have the advantage that you only meet with one person and you have control of the environment where you can enjoy the treatment. As my massage business is only part time, you have the added security that you will be the only client I see that day if not that week. My massage couch will be cleaned and dried with care between visits as will any other items that I bring.

There are precautions we can take during the massage (visors, masks, hand hygiene, additional cleaning before and after etc.), but to be blunt, if either you or I are carrying the virus on that day, the chance of infection is high. We must therefore take a very careful look at how we can each reduce the risk that either of us is in that unfortunate position on the day!

When you book for a massage, we will also arrange a time to speak on the phone (or video call if you like) and we will run through my usual massage health and needs consultation, but with the addition of the essential questions on Covid-19. For example, we should not be meeting if you have been advised to be shielding either for yourself or someone in your household. I will also be very happy to disclose how my family and I are staying safe as well as any risk factors we may bring. If either of us are not entirely comfortable to go ahead after this stage then without any hesitation or embarrassment it will be fine to cancel.

In the end it is essential that after all the careful precautions, the therapy experience still meets your personal needs whether for relaxation, relieving aching muscles or to de-stress after a hard day.

Please stay safe and I wish you all the best.