About Me

Gavin Jones

I started this business to fulfil a long-standing interest in the giving of massage. For me, the reward is very much in the feeling of connection between giver and receiver and the ability to channel knowhow of generations of massage practitioners for the benefit of another person.
Before starting my work in massage, I completed formal training with the Beauty Academy and now have diplomas in Express Body Massage and Spa Body Massage. These practically based courses also cover the essential elements of safety, hygiene and good practice and are a prerequisite for the massage practitioner insurance.
My wife Suzanne and I have two teenage daughters and we live in Send Marsh, Surrey. I will be keeping on my existing profession management career for the foreseeable future, but I do hope to be spending more of my time pursuing the massage business as I gain more clients and develop my skills and knowledge further.
My other great passion is in the sport of kayak racing, which I enjoy along with my daughters. At the local club, I am an assistant coach and I also compete in kayak marathons around the country.